Same and Different Pets Activity


A colorful set of 14 digital cards that allow children to distinguish what is the same and what is different. This Same and Different Summer Activity is meant to help little ones discriminate between two pictures. This is a digital only project. Once you purchase it, just print and play!


Use the “Same” and “Different” cards above as headers, cut the picture sets below (keeping the two side by side together). Have the children put the pictures that are identical under the “Same” heading, then the ones that have variations under the “Different” heading.

This is an instant digital download that contains 14 cards to compare.

If you have purchased the “Same and Different Bundle” do not buy this product. You already have it.

Consider purchasing the bundle for a lot more cards at a great price!

You could also use this as a language activity. Hold up one card and discuss whether it is the same or different. Use this opportunity to increase vocabulary by discussing why it is different, i.e. one is bigger, it is a different shape, one has a frog and the other doesn’t, etc.


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